On the boards: Southwest Region

Here is a sneak peak of a proposed Senior Living project in the Southwest.  Too early to disclose the client or location, but the design is being well-received and we hope to get this one through entitlement in early 2018!


Green Oaks IL, AL, MC | completed

Completed September 2017

©2017 Darris Lee Harris Photography

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Congratulations to Interior Designer Jennifer Stockhausen!

We are excited to announce that Jennifer has earned her NCIDQ Certification after completing two exams, an 8 hour hand-drafted practicum, and 6 years of professional experience. She has now entered a community of professional interior designers, verifying her knowledge and commitment to the health, safety and welfare of the spaces she designs. She is the 1st Interior Designer at Vessel!

Congrats, Jennifer!


Several Vessel clients have recently visited our office for a fully-immersive Virtual Reality experience- walking through their buildings, virtually, long before they could do it in real life.  We can now create a more portable 360° virtual experience that clients can view on their own computers. They can also share those virtual experiences through their websites. We look forward to implementing this communication tool for a variety of projects.

If you know Vessel, you already know about our commitment to leveraging technology for our clients.  We are actively researching and investing in this rapidly evolving area of Architecture. And of course, we are always glad when our clients visit our real office to use our full VR studio- complete with real conversation and genuine analog coffee.

Click on the image below to take a virtual tour of one of our senior living units!

Congratulations to Architect Todd Donze!

We are proud to announce that Todd has officially received his Missouri Architectural License! This is a huge accomplishment and well worthy of recognition, especially after 5 years of schooling, 8 years of practice, and tackling 5 architectural examinations. This makes Todd the 10th Architect at Vessel.

Congratulations Todd!

Vessel Summer Intern | Evan Lanning

I love all forms of architecture because It is in some way constructed beauty. It is art that serves many functions, which in turn can evoke many dramatic physical and emotional responses within us. Every project presents some kind of new challenge, and I enjoy taking them on and conquering them.
— EL

We're excited to welcome Evan Lanning to the team as Vessel's summer intern!

Evan, who has just finished a semester abroad in Australia, is about to begin his 5th and final year at Kansas State University, majoring in Landscape Architecture.

When he's not studying or working as a graduate research assistant, you can find him outdoors. Originally from Littleton, Colorado, he's always had a knack for hiking and exploring new places; you can also find him jogging, playing Ultimate Frisbee, or enjoying a game of golf. He considers himself a computer nerd at heart and has admitted to being a Foosball aficionado (watch out, Mick!).

We're thrilled to have you this summer, Evan!



Vessel Family Picnic | 2017

Last weekend, we loaded up the coolers, packed the watermelon, lathered on the sunscreen, and headed down to Vessel's annual picnic.

Complete with Bogart's BBQ, batting lessons by Merlin, dinosaur bubble guns, and one heck of a frozen tee-shirt challenge, it's safe to say that fun was had by all!

Picnic Shenanigans!

Batter UP!

Vessel Games!

Concise Email Communication

At Vessel, Our goal is to communicate effectively to everyone we do business with.  That often means you should be calling, so make sure email is best.  requires a phone call.  Our modern world is flooded with information and we need to help each other wade through it.  Achieving If so, conciseness helps is necessary in order for make sure your message come across.  This not just a matter of efficiency, but also professional courtesy.  Following Here are some bullet points pointers: to keep in mind.

1. State your point in the first sentence.

2. Be concise.

3. Translate facts to implications. And implications into recommendations.  (Since this is important, and simple to do, I recommend you apply this to your written communications.)

4. Review your work, simplify sentences, and remove unnecessary words.  Don't bury unrelated information towards the end of emails where it could be missed.  Like I just did.

5. Email can be misunderstood, so always try to end on a positive personal note.  Humor helps.

I see most of you doing this most of the time.  But keep in mind that, like anything else, this can be taken too far.  Don't be a concision extremist either!  There is a place for color commentary, usually after you've driven home your point.

Vessel's Virtual Reality Studio

VR is a revolution for architecture.  Visit Vessel's VR studio and you can see and experience your building in real time.  It is difficult to describe the level of realism and how natural it feels to use the system.  Truly, it is one of the most powerful design tools we have ever seen, and it allows us to provide our clients with a unique design experience and level of service.

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On Gossip

Gossip is discussing anything negative with someone who can’t help solve the problem.

Gossip kills culture by dividing instead of unifying.  Gossips tell themselves they are helping, but they are really spending time toiling in affairs they can not influence or resolve.  For those who listen to gossip, it undermines passion for their work and confidence in their team.  It isn't good for anyone.

We have all been guilty of cro...

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Vessel celebrates Pi(e) Day!

You may have caught on that we like to celebrate around here...so on March 14th (3.14) how could we not celebrate National Pi Day?!

Let's take a trip back to grade school and remember that "pi" is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and no matter what size a circle, pi is always the same number: 3.14. But enough about math. Let's get to the more important reason we celebrate Pi Day...PIE!

Vessel guys and gals were encouraged to bring in a pie of choice to share with the office, and they did not take that task lightly.

Exhibit A:

Key Lime Pie | Mississippi Mud Pie | Moon Pie | Apple Pie | Coconut Cream Pie | Taco Pot Pie | Peanut Butter Pie | French Apple Pie | Blackberry Pie | Pecan Pie | Sea Salt & Caramel Creme Pie | Pumpkin Pie | Oreo Cream Pie | Cherry Pie | Taco Salad Pie...pie, on pie, on pie!

Happy Pi(e) Day!!


Welcome to the 5th Annual Vessel Bracket Challenge where you can win fabulous and exciting prizes!  You may have picked up that Brian and Pete are Jayhawks.  (If you've talked to them for more than five minutes, it probably came up.)  As you might imagine, the NCAA basketball tournament is a fun time of year for us, and we want to share the joy by inviting you to enter our Vessel Bracket Challenge! 


Group: Vessel Architecture
Password: vessel
Fill out your bracket by clicking here

Grand Prize:
One supercool, custom-embroidered, Vessel jacket just like the one you've seen us wear.  You'll get your choice from Columbia's website (up to a $200 value).  PLUS a $100 REI gift certificate! Bonus: You will also get bragging rights, plus a congratulatory Vessel fist bump (the same one used at our office when we solve our client's problems).

Runners' Up Prizes (2nd, 3rd, 4th place):
The next four brackets will receive a $20 gift certificate to REI, plus a congratulatory Vessel fist bump (the same one used at our office when we solve our client's problems).

Provisos (The Fine Print):  No bracket-crashers.  Please be able to show some sort of connection to Vessel.  If nobody at Vessel knows you, you don't qualify.  Picking Duke, Missouri (oops, didn't make it this year) or K-State to go all the way will not disqualify your bracket - but if you win, your jacket may have dead fish in the pocket.  Employees of Vessel are not eligible for prizes, as they have already wasted/invested 865 hours of company time researching their brackets.  We're not too particular, but Vessel reserves the right to disqualify someone from prize eligibility.

Brackets lock at 10am Central Time, Thursday, March 16th! Good Luck, we're all counting on you!

Girl Scouts Visit Vessel!

We are always proud to support our local Girl Scouts - especially when they're just so darn cute!

...And of course when COOKIE SEASON is upon us! Vessel has officially been stocked! Thank you to Roger's daughters, Ella (a Daisy) and Katie (a Brownie), for supplying us with all of the Thin Mints we can eat (or at least all of the Thin Mints Brian can eat - he says they're for his five kids, but we're not sure we believe him...)