Christy Phelps | Project Architect

I love architecture because of its lasting impact. The fact that a beautiful or functional building can live for hundreds of years is fascinating to me.
— CP

Kansas State University | Master in Architecture

....and the Jayhawks continue to be outnumbered! That’s right folks – we have another Wildcat on our hands - welcome, Christy Phelps!

After growing up in the burbs of St. Charles, Christy decided to head even farther west where she attained her Masters from Kansas State. She then spent some time in Connecticut - and most recently drove 16 hours back to St. Louis where she now serves as one of our Project Architects. With experience and a background in historical renovation and residential design, we're excited for Christy to lend a fresh eye to a number of projects here at Vessel.

When she's not in the office, Christy hangs with her cat, Cleo, and takes a particular enjoyment in photography - specifically catching shots of vibrant landscape and historic architecture (her favorite building is Monticello).