Stop using stainless steel grab bars!

We encourage our Senior Living and Residential clients to use warmer and friendlier grab bars instead of stainless steel grab bars that look and feel like a hospital! We looked high and low for affordable but great looking grab bars that look right at home in a residential setting. One of these 36” grab bars is only about $60, a bargain when you consider this is one of the few parts of a building you touch!

People often ask us if Vessel does residential architecture. Answer: Every day! Though we design a few very special single-family homes, we spend a lot of time designing Senior Living buildings where our elders can enjoy a dignified home-like environment. A big part of that is offering Accessibility features that don’t feel institutional.

Because really - when was the last time you heard anyone say, "You know, those stainless steel bars really warm up the place, don't they?"


Moen Grab Bars.JPG