You have an idea, you’re pretty sure it’s good, but it might be crazy. You need an experienced professional to validate your idea so that you can make a solid decision about whether or not to move forward. You need a Feasibility Study! And Vessel can help.

Our Process


  • Determine allowable uses and allowable densities of development.

  • Evaluate likelihood of Entitlement approvals.

  • Determine whether desired timeline is realistic.

  • Ascertain the organizational capacity required to accomplish the project.

  • Identify funding sources.

  • Determine market demand for proposed land uses.

  • Identify real-estate values, rents, etc. for developed property.

  • Identify knowledge gaps and quantify unknowns to extent possible.

  • Evaluate risk factors and quantify risk.

Process & Schedule Analysis

  • Identify processes necessary for completion of the project.

  • Assign expected durations to each process.

  • Develop a Critical Path Schedule with process durations and dependencies.

Schematic Budget Analysis

  • Develop comprehensive cost estimates for each of the following categories.

  • Entitlement (zoning approvals, preliminary engineering, etc.)

  • Infrastructure (roads and utilities)

  • Hard Costs (site and building for each site)

  • Soft Costs (professional fees)

  • Permitting & Approval fees

  • Contingency (risk)

  • Break budget into phases if applicable


  • Summary of conclusions.

  • Our go or no-go recommendation

  • Include documentation of the research and analysis.

Client approval