Owner’s Representation

You have your own business to run and don’t have the internal expertise or infrastructure to run a complex project in a litigious construction industry you don’t understand. You need an industry insider who has the resources and knowledge to safely navigate the swamp of construction. That will allow you to stay focused on your core business while your interests are being advanced by a professional team.

Schedule Management

  • Tasks & Dependencies

  • Identify all tasks that will need to be accomplished for a successful project.

  • Establish durations, validate, and prioritize.

  • Categorize Tasks into Processes

  • Dependencies: Identify tasks that cannot start until another task or process has finished.

  • Analyze Processes

  • Identify each of the critical processes (groups of tasks) and when they need to start and finish.

  • Evaluate which tasks can run simultaneously to “compress” the schedule.

  • Establish Milestones

  • Execute, Adapt and Overcome

  • Mike Tyson famously said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Every project encounters unanticipated circumstances and setbacks. We have the experience to anticipate most adversity, and the commitment and creativity to adapt and overcome.

Project Management

  • Develop Budget Estimates.

  • Team Formation

  • Formulate, track and de-conflict roles & responsibilities and scopes of work.

  • Interview and vet consultant and contractor team.

  • Solicit multiple proposals for each scope of work.

  • Review and negotiate contracts.

  • Reporting & Documentation: Weekly report by conference call and in writing. Maintain records of contracts, invoicing, etc.

  • Design

  • Track permitting and approval processes.

  • Oversee Value Engineering.

  • Plan and Constructability Review.

  • Bidding

  • Oversee contractor selection & negotiation.

  • Evaluate bids & alternates.

  • Construction: Represent the Owner during construction. Ensure that the project team remains healthy and focused on positive problem-solving instead of finger-pointing. Ensure Owner is getting quality construction and full value for their dollar. Monitor construction schedule and identify delays and potential issues. Facilitate submittal reviews. Provide regular updates and maintain documentation. Review and approve contractor’s Pay Applications and Change Orders. Prevent and diffuse disputes before they wreck the team. Advocate for the Owner through any disputes that prove to be unavoidable.

  • Closeout: Coordinate punch-list and Owner acceptance process. Review and confirm closeout documents. Coordinate building commissioning and transfer of building operations to Owner.