Planning Workshops

Attend our workshop and clarify exactly what you want to accomplish and develop an execution strategy. We will identify obstacles that stand in your way, explore how to overcome them, and have a plan for success. You already have an idea about what you want to accomplish. But in order to make your vision into reality, it is critically important to the performance of your team that we clarify your vision and translate it into a detailed and actionable strategy for executing.

how we do it…

Understand the “NOW”

  • Outline Program Requirements

  • Identify Goals & Objectives

  • Establish a Project Vision & Mission Statement

  • Evaluate Current Plans

  • Identify opportunities and metrics for success.

  • Identify risk factors and consequences of failure.

  • Identify resources required to mitigate risk.

  • Create a Roadmap to Success

After the workshop Vessel will develop the results into a cohesive plan that will represent the guiding principles for the rest of the project. We will refer back to this document throughout the process to ensure the team remains aligned around your vision, motivated by your mission, and focused on executing the plan.

Deliverable: Project Plan

  • Have a clear Vision for what will be true when it is finished.

  • Be on a Mission to accomplish something specific.

  • Have a Strategy for how to achieve your vision.

  • Develop Tactics with specific methods, tools and techniques.

  • Plan for Execution of tasks, deliverables, and daily management.