We have an interactive process for translating your requirements into an actionable framework for design. With a robust programming process we can design spaces and buildings that have a strategic impact. Without programming, we’re just designing a bunch of stuff that might work, if we’re lucky. Our process is methodical but doesn’t have to be time-intensive. Early efforts in careful programming can have the biggest impact on the scope and budget of your project. Together we can translate your requirements into a building that will support your organization’s vision and mission!

Our Process…


  • Establish overall goals and initial parameters as currently conceived by key stakeholders.

  • Discuss uses and approximate sizes of each major space in the building

  • Discuss aesthetic preferences

  • Establish budget parameters

  • Research similar and relevant buildings


  • Distribute preparatory questionnaires to key stakeholders.

  • Conduct interviews and document responses.

  • Compile and synthesize interview comments and data.


  • Translate research and interview data into room matrix.

  • Assign room uses, sizes, and special features.

  • Subtotal rooms by relevant category.

  • Calculate proportions of circulation and support spaces.

  • Assign cost/sf estimates for each category of spaces.

  • Total all spatial requirements.

  • Total anticipated building costs.


  • Create bubble-diagrams capturing key functional and spatial proximities.

  • Define heirarchy of public to private spaces.

  • Develop circulation system.

  • Develop Space Needs Diagram.

  • Deliverable: Architectural Program Document

  • Present Space Needs and Diagram for review and comment.

  • Review conceptual budget.

  • Integrate comments and adjust Space Needs Analysis as necessary.

  • Provide 8.5x11 report in PDF format

present & discuss

  • Present draft of comprehensive programming document.

  • Discuss and refine.

  • Formulate final Architectural Program.

Client approval