Vessel is looking for our next indispensable team member!

For most clients, the design process can be confusing and uncertain. Vessel's people bring clarity, consensus, and certainty.

Because of the complexities of modern buildings and construction, a project is a non-stop thrill ride in problem-solving. At Vessel we take ownership of every problem that stands in the way of our clients' success. We value consultants and contractors as important colleagues, and we foster a spirit of teamwork that conquers problems and sets our clients up for success. 

Do you have more talent than experience? Do you look for opportunities to take responsibility and grow as a design professional? Do you like collaborating with fun people? Can you execute without needing your hand held?

If you are a professional like us and would like to work in an architecture office like ours, then for the love of coffee, give us a call! We need you as much as you need us!