2014 IIDA UnRavel Fashion Show​

Vessel never turns down the opportunity to expand our creative abilities...this time into fashion design! When a product rep introduced us to the UnRavel fashion show, we knew we had to sign up. The UnRavel fashion show is an opportunity for local St. Louis architecture and interior design firms to compete in creating wearable fashion made entirely out of building materials. Vessel was teamed up with Trends In Tile and was faced with the challenge of a weighty material. Naturally, we overcame this challenge and managed to not only create a garment out of tile, but make tile sophisticated and feminine. Many hours of blood, sweat, and a hole through a finger nail later, Vessel's very own Jennifer Stockhausen modeled the twenty pound tile dress and carried the team to victory. We are pleased to announce that we received the award for Best Craftsmanship at the 2014 UnRavel Fashion show! Vessel Architecture & Fashion Design, at your service!