Potato Salad for Days...

Six months ago, we moved from the first floor to the fourth floor.

Why? Well, if you think it was for the breathtaking views highway 270, you're absolutely right. But also because, as a growing company, we needed a heck of a lot more space. Last Friday, in celebration of this move, we decided to open our doors, order 10 lbs of corn bread and throw a party (also known as an Open House, because we are professionals). It was a success, to say the least, and we couldn't be more grateful for all of those who stopped by to say hello and inhale a few cake pops! We are also grateful for everyone who decided against the potato salad and instead opted for the mac n' cheese...you have graced us with leftover potato salad for days. Maybe weeks. We'll see how far it takes us.

Cheers to our new office - and to fantastic friends, family and colleagues!