Tobakko's Reclaimed Door Hunt

If you know Vessel, you know we have trouble knowing when to stop serving our clients.  Case in point; Jennifer Stockhausen just spent her Saturday morning rummaging through salvaged doors to find something with enough character to do justice to Wendy's new store (Tobakko's).  The doors she found are absolutely beautiful.  After seeing these can you imagine putting new doors in a Cigar Store with Smoking Lounge?

When we envisioned the perfect space for Wendy, we took inspiration from The Maltese Falcon.  Basically, we wanted to find the door to Sam Spade's (Humphrey Bogart's) office.  In researching images from the movie we actually couldn't find a picture of the door itself, but we did find this picture of the sun shining through the door.  I think we found the door!