American Legion Supports LA Homeless Vets

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 - a day that will forever live in St. Louis infamy - Rampage was told to pack up his horns and move West.

For those of us (ex) Rams fans who may or may not still be in denial, these are the questions we now face: what do we do with the Marshall Faulk jersey we received for our 12th birthday? Or our lucky, super generic "#1" snuggie we wear to every tailgate? Or the blue and gold fanny pack we ONLY purchased because our purse was too big and the security at the Dome told us we couldn’t bring it in?

There has been an unlimited amount of social media posts encouraging the trashing and even burning of such apparel. But we’ve gotten wind of a better solution: sending our unwanted items to the homeless veterans of Los Angeles.

The American Legion of St. Louis County is heading this effort and Vessel is jumping on board. So go dig those spirit-finger gloves out of the trash, drop them off at our office, and join us as we support some folks who did much more for our country and city than Stan Kroenke ever did.

In related news: Kroenke’s toupee has its own twitter account. I’m just going to leave that there.


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