Welcome, Denny Beinke!

We are excited to introduce yet another Vessel hire - Denny Beinke!

A St. Louis native and graduate of the University of Nebraska, Denny joins us with years of architectural experience and an energetic passion for the industry.

When he's not architecting, he spends time checking out the live music scene, playing and collecting Ukuleles (he owns 5...yes, 5), heading to car shows, and hanging with the two favorite people in his life, his son Griffin and daughter Jane.

Welcome to the team, Denny!

I think that my love of car design from an early age and an interest in the building process guided me toward architecture.

Also, my dad’s a carpenter and I had always been on the job sites when younger. I enjoyed seeing the process from start to finish....although never wanted to be a laborer on the job sites...
— Denny Beinke
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