Welcome, Michael Andresen!

Our newest Vessel employee comes to us from Des Moines! Aside from watching corn grow (that's what people do in Iowa, right?), he attended Iowa State University where he received his Bachelors of Architecture.

After 10 years in the industry, it was time for Michael to head to Missouri - he moved to St. Louis in December, got hitched in Iceland on New Year's Eve and took one of the greatest honeymoons ever - traveling all over Scandinavia!

Now that he and his wife, Amy, have settled into their new home, Michael's hobbies include: upping his cool status by working at Vessel, becoming an avid Cardinals fan (it's been rumored he used to root for the Cubs...we'll just leave that one alone), and getting pumped for the NCAA tournaments!

We are beyond thrilled to have you on our team, Michael. We have a Vessel March Madness tradition we're sure you're going to love!



My wife and I are fans of Scandinavian design, specifically mid-century modern furniture. I am a minimalist at heart. To this point in my career, my focus in architecture has been sustainable design, I guess I just want to use architecture/design to make the world a better place.
— Michael Andresen
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