Office Makeover | Phase One

Benefits of Standing Desks

*According to a report by The Washington Post & The Huffington Post, 2015.

Almost two years and 23 employees later, we decided it was finally time for a change. This winter, Vessel began an office refresh - saying goodbye to the old, and hello to the new! Phase One of our redesign involved desk replacement: we have gone from sitting, to standing (but you can still sit if you want). We welcomed StandDesk with open arms - a company supplying work stations which promote a healthy lifestyle. We sure are busy around here, but even with the hustle and bustle of projects, we still need more physical movement. StandDesk offers a motorized desk, allowing you to move up and down throughout your work day. Tired of sitting? Stand up while you write that proposal. Tired of standing? Grab your chair and take a seat. You not only burn an extra 50 calories per hour when you stand, but you increase productivity and mental well-being. Here at Vessel, we are uber excited for this change and cannot wait to see where it takes us when it comes to happy health!

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