Vessel celebrates Pi(e) Day!

You may have caught on that we like to celebrate around on March 14th (3.14) how could we not celebrate National Pi Day?!

Let's take a trip back to grade school and remember that "pi" is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and no matter what size a circle, pi is always the same number: 3.14. But enough about math. Let's get to the more important reason we celebrate Pi Day...PIE!

Vessel guys and gals were encouraged to bring in a pie of choice to share with the office, and they did not take that task lightly.

Exhibit A:

Key Lime Pie | Mississippi Mud Pie | Moon Pie | Apple Pie | Coconut Cream Pie | Taco Pot Pie | Peanut Butter Pie | French Apple Pie | Blackberry Pie | Pecan Pie | Sea Salt & Caramel Creme Pie | Pumpkin Pie | Oreo Cream Pie | Cherry Pie | Taco Salad Pie...pie, on pie, on pie!

Happy Pi(e) Day!!