Concise Email Communication

At Vessel, Our goal is to communicate effectively to everyone we do business with.  That often means you should be calling, so make sure email is best.  requires a phone call.  Our modern world is flooded with information and we need to help each other wade through it.  Achieving If so, conciseness helps is necessary in order for make sure your message come across.  This not just a matter of efficiency, but also professional courtesy.  Following Here are some bullet points pointers: to keep in mind.

1. State your point in the first sentence.

2. Be concise.

3. Translate facts to implications. And implications into recommendations.  (Since this is important, and simple to do, I recommend you apply this to your written communications.)

4. Review your work, simplify sentences, and remove unnecessary words.  Don't bury unrelated information towards the end of emails where it could be missed.  Like I just did.

5. Email can be misunderstood, so always try to end on a positive personal note.  Humor helps.

I see most of you doing this most of the time.  But keep in mind that, like anything else, this can be taken too far.  Don't be a concision extremist either!  There is a place for color commentary, usually after you've driven home your point.