Vessel Summer Intern | Evan Lanning

I love all forms of architecture because It is in some way constructed beauty. It is art that serves many functions, which in turn can evoke many dramatic physical and emotional responses within us. Every project presents some kind of new challenge, and I enjoy taking them on and conquering them.
— EL

We're excited to welcome Evan Lanning to the team as Vessel's summer intern!

Evan, who has just finished a semester abroad in Australia, is about to begin his 5th and final year at Kansas State University, majoring in Landscape Architecture.

When he's not studying or working as a graduate research assistant, you can find him outdoors. Originally from Littleton, Colorado, he's always had a knack for hiking and exploring new places; you can also find him jogging, playing Ultimate Frisbee, or enjoying a game of golf. He considers himself a computer nerd at heart and has admitted to being a Foosball aficionado (watch out, Mick!).

We're thrilled to have you this summer, Evan!