Church building questions

You’re probably reading this because you have questions and need answers. You may be a pastor considering vision oriented questions about how your building is (or isn't) supporting your mission. You may be a lay member in charge of a building program. We see the same questions over and over so we might have an idea of what yours are.

We have practical answers to your most important questions;
  • Should we build? (not necessarily)
  • Why does our facility matter?
  • What should we build?
  • How do we determine a budget we can afford?
  • How do we do this in such a way as to build our church at the same time as our building?
We answer these questions and many more through the grid of Form Follows Mission. Your MISSION matters for eternity! Your building should help you accomplish that mission, not hold you back!!! We would be honored to speak with you further about how we wrap the 'FORM' of our architecture around your core 'MISSION' as a church.
Brian Van WinkleComment