Morning Star Church in the newspaper!

The St. Charles County Journal just featured Mike Schreiner, Lead Pastor of Morning Star Church and one of our favorite clients, talking about their recently completed project. The folks at Morning Star love God and love people- and they REALLY love children! They asked us to design some of the largest kids' rooms we have ever designed- larger than the worship spaces in some of our projects. What makes Morning Star's spaces great?

  • Lots of room to run and play
  • Child-sized toilets in each room (so teachers can stay in their room instead of making trips down the hall!)
  • Fun, bright colors on the walls
  • Carpet tiles that can be individually replaced after craft time disasters
  • Glare-free indirect lighting
  • High ceilings with lots of cool exposed steel
  • A special sound-absorbing roof deck that looks cool but doesn't sound like a warehouse
  • A new check-in area with plenty of elbow room for parents and little ones
Ultimately, the spaces are great because of the people in them; and the folks at Morning Star will use every square inch of those rooms to show kids how much Jesus loves them. We at Vessel are honored to partner with such wonderful people. Click on the link for more from Mike Schreiner:

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