9 years of Vesselhood today!

Today we celebrated 9 years of business!  When we went into business we never would have guessed that our clients would become such good friends.  That is truly what has made our time in business such a joy.  What a blessing it is to do what we love with people we love.

Thanks to our clients and friends for making these 9 years possible!

Here are a couple of fun vanity shots from 2004...

Pete at his first Vessel desk shortly before our Aeron chairs arrived.  We designed and made those things and they were pretty cool for a while.  Brian's daughter Mary is on the right installing the obligatory Jayhawk mini-basketball hoop.  (Taken in Pete's living room.)

One of the first things we felt we had to do was take pictures of ourselves for marketing purposes.  This is when Brian discovered that he had missed a career in movies impersonating JFK.