Highpointe Aerial Photographs!

This is the latest aerial photography from our Denver project which is nearing completion this Fall.  As you can see the masonry is almost complete and they are stripping scaffold.  The white roof membrane dramatically reduces solar gain and cuts down on the heat island effect.  One of the many green building strategies we employed in the design.  On a recent site visit I arrived on the roof to find I had left my sunglasses in the job trailer... A mistake which I will never repeat.

Special thanks to Catamount Constructors for providing the photographs!

Our building is at the center of this photo (The 'L' shape).

 The gigantic building to our West is an apartment complex.  There is an amazing apartment boom in the Denver area.  These things are going up everywhere.

You can see from this photo just how tight the construction site has been.  There is a constant turnover of equipment, materials, semis, trucks, you name it.

Our Sky Lounge is visible on the fourth floor of the wing to your right.  Those windows have fantastic views of the mountains and I can't wait to play a few rounds of pool up there after we open!