Kurt H | Private Client | Make-A-Wish Room

"This morning while L was at school, I tacked some picture hangers up under the rocket and draped a string of holiday lights about 6 feet up inside. Early out today, so after his lunch I brought him in to the corner (bubble light off, wall panel off) and laid down on the floor next to him, clapping my hands and making noises. He took a few seconds to see the lights up inside, then his dimples showed, growing into one of his classic toothy grins of happiness. L put his stockinged feet up on the mirror and settled in for a noise fest. For awhile he did his tongue clicking routine, and here I am at the other end of the house and can hear him clapping as I type. If there is ever a time when you want to show a client what can be done for children, feel free to bring them to L's room. Words can't express my gratitude." (Indeed, we were grateful to have the opportunity to help your beautiful family)