Residential Update: A Client Collaboration

When a client tells us they want windows on windows on windows…but with privacy…we give them windows on windows on windows…with privacy.

And then we ask, what else do you want?

With inspiration from A. Quincy Jones, our clients knew exactly what they wanted: a home to age in place. A home with a mid-century, modern spirit, although not quite the atomic ranch.

Vessel’s organic design plays on mid-century mod providing a whimsical yet classic vibe - spinning contemporary taste with warmth and richness. You’d ALMOST get the feeling that Don Draper was your neighbor (congrats on that Emmy, Jon. BIG fans). Incorporating custom-made glass blocks, fiber-cement siding, and natural limestone – a fusion of details create something truly unique and unfamiliar within your typical Saint Louis suburb.

Our clients also envisioned a home with views of green: specifically a putting green…

After finding the perfect location to build (at the perimeter of a country club), and designing the house with over 75 custom windows (that's a lot of natural light), the challenge was to completely capture those views yet provide the clients with the privacy they needed. Here at Vessel, we believe nothing is impossible – the word itself says I’m poss-…

I won’t go there. But long story short, we listened, put our hands in, yelled TEAM, and got to work - and in less than 10 weeks, we can see it now...

Our clients spending their mornings lounging in their four season’s room, pumpkin spice latte in hand, overlooking a golf course - 4th hole to the left, 5th tee to the right.

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