What is this?


a.      Life size origami

b.      Trader Joes grocery bags taped together

c.      A giant paper fan

d.      None of the above





If you guessed (d), you win this fabulous, holiday Jayhawks sweater! (just pay $7.95 shipping+handling).




But really, what the heck is this stuff?

The answer? Molo. Rhymes with Yolo. And trust us, you need Molo because Yolo.


Molo Softwall[mōw-lōw + saupht-wăhl]

Noun: Super awesome stuff that comes from Canada; a papery substance created to look cool and save space; ideal for fort-building.

When Pete decided to invest in something worthwhile, something for office and trade show use, Vessel employees took it upon themselves to create another use  - leading to the construction of Pete’s very own Vessel Fort, complete with small windows (breathing holes) and Little Rascals-inspired decor, printed straight off the internet (credit: Jennifer Stockhausen).

Molo design describes their product as:

A flexible, freestanding partition system that can expand and contract to freely shape more intimate spaces within larger open areas. A non-woven polyethylene material - tear, UV and water resistant - making it durable to handle and maintain.

Tear, UV and water resistant? Just lookin’ out for you, Pete! Embrace your safe space.

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